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rebatesforexbrokervestors will inevitably fxrebatecentral some questions when doing foreign exchange trading, according to some habits of the foreign exchange market, the customer is a certain period of liquidity ceded to the bank to facilitate the forexrebatecommission long-term operation, in order to obtain high profitability but most of these best forex rebate company on the market at present do not have the right of bestforexrebatecompany cashback forex by the customer, now some banks have introduced products in which the customer enjoys the right of early redemption, but generally early redemption Not only will there be no premium, but there will be a loss of principal, or to spend the corresponding fees First, the issue of early redemption rights According to the international practice of foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange structured deposits are invested in international bonds, gold and other markets, the customer is a certain period of liquidity ceded to the bank to facilitate the banks long-term operation, in order to obtain high returns Most of these products on the market do not have the right of early redemption by the customer, and now Some banks have launched products with early redemption rights for customers, but generally early redemption will not only not have a premium, but will have a loss of principal, or to pay the corresponding fees Second, high yield substance Now the state does not have uniform regulations on the taxation of foreign exchange structured deposits, and the requirements of each bank are different For example, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, etc. require customers to pay their own taxes, while Everbright Bank, etc. is the bank withholding Interest tax therefore should be taken into account when choosing products in addition, to identify some products advertised in the total return average annual yield and other wording, such as some three-year products said total yield of 7%, in fact, the breakdown to the average annual yield of less than 3% third, the appreciation of the yuan problem at present, the dollar has entered the interest rate hike channel, investment to consider the interest rate risk, should be more short-term products to purchase but in fact, some banks The one-year products sold better than the semi-annual products can be seen, for most customers, short-term products to get higher market recognition still need time Fourth, horizontal comparison of the conditions of each bank is different, professional ability also differs, the relevant supporting services are also different, need consumers to carefully identify the choice In addition, the varieties and thresholds of foreign exchange structured deposits are also different from each line Currently, most banks on sale are USD products, only very few banks have EUR products threshold generally requires a minimum of USD 1,000, thereafter in increments of USD 100; however, Agricultural Bank of China and Minsheng Bank have launched products with a minimum of USD 100
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