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Poor loser achieved financial freedom by programmed trading

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best forex rebate company started research bestforexrebatecompanyg stocks in 2010 forexrebatecommission quickly found h fxrebatecentral way to financial freedom in t rebatesforexbroker stock market He graduated with a bachelors degree in mathematics, first as a programmer, then quit to open a video game store and run an internet radio station in his spare time In order to pursue his current wife, he smashed his pots and pans and got a study visa to run to Boston, USA to accompany his studies Now, Claude, who has lost motivation to earn money, takes He writes programs to live-stream the daily lives of his familys adopted stray cats. When he goes on a trip, he lets netizens control the emission of infrared light through pop-ups (comments displayed instantly on the video in the form of subtitles) to remotely control the automatic feeding machine to feed the cats. Claude explains the process: the PC crawls the pop-ups (crawler technology), analyzes the pop-ups so that the USB interface microcontroller emits infrared or RF The feeding machine modified with infrared or RF receiver receives the signal to send out cat food Claude said that he would rather spend his energy on interesting things than purely earning money Opening a video game store was once Claudes dream, but now his dream is to open a cat theme park, specializing in the adoption of stray cats A In 2011, 28-year-old Claude went to Boston, the United States, to accompany his girlfriend, who had been in love for less than a year, to study Claude University This time, he at least didnt want to repeat the mistake of being in a different place. They had planned to get the license on November 11, 2011, but the process was delayed until November 18. In Boston, Claude and his girlfriend rented a one-bedroom basement downtown, with a parking lot outside the airy window, for $1,100 a month. In 2010, the stock market was cashback forex so lively, but he had high hopes for the stock market (or A-shares), which is a very serious matter. This is a very serious matter, failure is very troublesome not so much money ‘blind play’ Claude said In the face of the volatile market and the invisible and inaccessible competitors, Claude said frankly that he has a little blind to feel the elephant feeling He knows he wants to go to the stock market to earn money, but not its door is like entering the door to get is an equation to be solved, but I do not yet understand the four mixed operations can not understand themselves, and No one to lead the way, Claude began to browse the forums, looking for books he did not have the patience, do not want to hear the axioms, nor do they want to study the theory he wanted to find the secrets or tricks to bring to make money to find reference books, none of which he read from beginning to end Beginners are faced with the choice to do technical analysis, or look at the fundamentals beginners often do not have so much insider information Claude said he chose technical analysis, because technical analysis mainly relies on K lines, very intuitive basic information Relying on K lines, very intuitive fundamentals to study the industry, study corporate financial statements, and even focus on the macroeconomic situation, too complex for him Technical analysis route, the network, books, a lot of information, secrets, tricks can be seen everywhere an indicator, the value of upward breakthrough how much to buy, downward breakthrough how much to sell, written very clear some newcomers see such tricks will be like a treasure direct real estate, Claude caution He tried to verify those tricks with historical data according to the chart for about half a year, Claude looked at the K-line every day, every stock he would turn over It is a very tedious job more than 2,000 stocks, a stock to look at 3 seconds will take more than 100 minutes, each time to look at the days stocks for hours Now when a novice asks for directions, Claude will let He insisted on looking at the A-share market stocks every day (the days trend) to establish an intuitive concept his explanation is: if you have no stamina for this, do not do investment anything is to have to pay II K line to see a long time, Claude suddenly woke up, K line are data formation, each point has a specific value to support the work of testing the trick with historical data, why not use the program to complete?  Claude majored in mathematics in college, after graduation as a programmer, handling data and writing programs for him are in this line of work which is perfect for the quantitative environment Claude said After writing out the general framework, Claude used the secret manual often mentioned in the golden fork to buy, dead fork to sell to verify the two averages are in the upward direction, the short time of the average (such as the 5-day average) up through the long time of the average (such as the 10-day average), called the golden fork; two Both SMAs are in the downward direction, the short time SMA (such as the 5-day SMA) through the long time SMA (such as the 10-day SMA), called a dead cross This way is simple, often heard Claude said he verified the data of the past 5 years, the theoretical return can reach 400% (5 years 5 times the money) Claude was amazed to think, 2006-2010, the 5 years 5 times what is the (return) level, is not all can do. Is not all can do? He went to the forum he often visited and asked for advice from stock investors who had been speculating for more than 5 years, and the response he got was basically: no loss of money is very impressive. Claude knew that there would be differences between the actual operation and historical backtesting, and that it was impossible to achieve such high returns. effective, but using the program to run historical data is not so effective a lot of ‘sure to go up’ method, 55% probability are not Claude said he picked out the failure examples failure is there, but the manual verification is ignored I found that people will actively block these errors, ignore, forget Claude said beginners are anxious to find a secret weapon so that they can earn money immediately when a secret weapon or trick is in front of them, people will be confused by the words secret weapon or trick and subconsciously think that is a successful method so many people think they have found a great method but lose money as soon as they operate Manual validation, people cannot test too many samples, this danger of actively blocking errors and failures will be magnified for example, test 10 times, originally 50/50, and you end up missing one The difference between a 60% win rate and a 50% win rate is huge, says Claude. A more serious problem is that the sample is so small that the conclusions drawn are unreliable, so after mastering the method of program verification, Claude no longer manually verifies a secret or a trick. Claude told me that the stock market from the summer of 2011 to the summer of 2012 showed an overall downward trend, with the broad market index falling back from roughly 2,700 points to 2,200 points to get a positive return of up to 50%, which is a lot for an investor who has just tested his strategy. Just live test their own strategy for investors is good news From the back of the operation, Claude so-called has been a lot, the focus should refer to the rate of return, rather than the money earned in the market is not ideal, the rate of return for the year this gave Claude confidence he began to enlarge leverage, financing speculation Claudes strategy, the largest historical retracement is 25%, he riveted, the first time to put leverage ( The first time he leveraged up (in the summer of 2012) was 4 times, which meant that if he took a full position and caught the maximum retracement, he would lose all his capital and get out of the game. Claude said he was able to be so bold because he wanted to make more money faster, but also because he had less capital and more guts, and the pressure to get back up after losing was not so great. A game called "Final Fantasy" (FinalFantasy) people who watch stocks understand that even if I quantify, the mood will still be affected by stock market fluctuations and produce incorrect judgment or even intervention, which is the big taboo of trading, but also the big taboo of quantitative trading so I used the game to numb myself very well they are watching the stock, I am playing the game "Final Fantasy" is my stock market tranquilizer Claude said the actual The maximum retracement of his trading reached 13%, with a principal loss of 52% Claude 4x leverage lasted from the summer of 2012 to the summer of 2013 Summer 2013 - summer 2014, he reduced leverage to 2x two bold operations that allowed him to quickly get out of financial loser status after he stopped carrying leverage Claudes relationship with his girlfriend, including marriage in the U.S., has not been able to get her At first glance, Claude seems to be financially free while playing games. In fact, he can play games while trading live because his strategies are backed by historical data. Of course, history does not carry the future, and even the perfect strategy, are at any time by one or several black swans watching eventually to be able to explore the road, Claude especially emphasizes the faith of traders If your strategy is statistically reliable win rate, you need to do is convinced that your strategy is reliable, and stick to it He used the color (game or gambling tools, also known as dice) to make a color than 1-6 points, roll 1, 2, 3, 4 are counted as you 2, 3, 4 are counted as you win, theoretically, if you play for a long time (tens of thousands of times or even more), your chances of winning is 67%, but if you are unlucky, maybe the first few times or even the first few dozen rolls are 5 or 6 you are losing if you do not have the right understanding, no strong faith, you will question the way you roll the color, question the color (is not only 5 and 6) If we have faith, we will firmly believe that as long as you keep throwing, 1234 will slowly appear this is the difference Claude said obviously, he is the one who insisted on throwing Operation level, Claude hopes that the sample is enough so his stock positions are not long, each stock on 1-2 days stay (stock T + 1 can not be bought and sold the same day) I do not do fundamental research and value investment, some people a stock pinch three or five years Chinas A-share market A total of more than 20 years of history, there are several three or five years? For me, this way of throwing the color is too few times, I can not judge it in the end how many points, I do not have this faith but other people may not think so, they also have a very successful Four Claude the reason why the emphasis on faith, because he has contacted many novices over the years, we tend to be more anxious mentality Let the novices go from one to another to see the K line of more than 2,000 stocks, let them have faith, let them insist They do not think you are sincere, think you are bullshit you give me a direct can use, you tell me so buy, so sell, and then you can make money I do not want to know the other Claude described the typical mentality of newcomers said Claude is happy to share with people, from playing games to do stock trading door of a protagonist Xu Ning on the path of programmed trading, on the benefit of Claudes sharing Xu Ning called Claude a helper he He is a person who can easily become the master of the gang when selling game consoles, sold half of the forum people know him Xu Ning said When researching stocks in Boston, Claude also often shared his ideas with the network, he would post in his own stock group to buy or sell stocks that day At first there are several network users with him to do, slowly less and less At the beginning of the loss of money, they do not follow Claude said, they want a 100% success rate But as far as I know there is no such method in the world. From 2010 when he started to seriously study stocks to now, twice enlarging the leverage, Claude has been financially free but he is not always making money, since June this year, he also lost about 30% of the decline, but such a loss for him has been a bit of a ripple effect at all. Not to the principal, the loss is to earn to lose half of my life is enough, there is no pressure Claude said There is a financial situation after the improvement of the calm, but also what he called the faith of investors since 2010 began to study stocks, Claude experienced the bear market to bull market, and suffered the decline from June 15 this year We will face this day sooner or later, the plunge began to know this day with great certainty Claude said, if now who is there screaming ‘ oops today and burst loss of 1 million ’, we will say, so envious ah, which like me, I only lost 100,000 today he had a burst loss of 1 million a day, there is a burst of earning 1 million a day (large amount of money) So a little more simple understanding of Claudes so-called faith, is that you know your strategy will make money, but losing money is Usually, a light position will make you less stressed when you face losses, but Claudes path to financial freedom is more brutal, he zooms in on leverage. Claude does not shy away from saying that he is a speculator, he says, we are here to speculate, in laymans terms, to take money out of other peoples pockets. Waiting to take money from the pockets of others What makes you a person who takes money from the pockets of others? Smarter than others, more diligent than others, more faithful than others, or you have all of these? Many people work from 9 to 5 and want to speculate in their spare time to make some money. There are professional players like me and many professional institutional investors in the market, what makes you able to get money from it? What the hell are you thinking? You want to grab money and you cant beat people This is a little reminder from Claude to the newbie Five When earning more than 1 million, Claude felt that it was already astronomical I used to be a poor man When earning more money in the stock market in a year than all the money earned before, there was little motivation Claude said Claude was a man with relatively simple desires in Xu Nings eyes A long time ago I was betting on 800,000 and he matched it with 500,000 1.5 million when he felt that having 2 million in principal to earn 500,000-1 million per year was enough Xu Ning said Yes, if you have read Xu Nings story, you know that he always used gambling to describe his stock investment Before going to the United States, Claude opened a video game store in Xuhui District, Shanghai for more than three years, mainly for PSP In order to open a video game store, he quit his job as a programmer in early 2007 He opened the store in Xuhui District When he signed the lease contract, the landlady said, "You have to think about it, whats going to close down here, look at this bookstore, its only been open for half a year. Claude finally took over the store because it was his childhood dream to open a video game store. Claude opened a video game store, the income is not high, especially compared with doing programmers at its peak he can sell 100 units (PSP) hosts a month, a host of 100 yuan of profit, including accessories can earn up to 150 yuan minus rent, utilities, wages, about seven or eight thousand income Claude said off-season, he could only sell 20-30 hosts a month In September 2010, the Claude transferred the video game store to a friends hair two months before the transfer, he also spent 20,000 yuan to redecorate the store because it looked like the dream of the video game store was coming to an end, but the store did not look like his ideal The video game store brought Claude numerous cherished experiences so far he was cheated out of money, was shown love (also shown love was rejected), was invited to make a small movie (of course, did not go), he set up an organ to trap stray cats ( The most valuable experience is that he used his free time to do Internet radio and met a listener who was studying in Boston at the time. After graduating from college in 2005 and returning to Shanghai, he has been living in a rented apartment for 800 RMB a month in 2005, renting a small room of 10 square meters in a suite 2. On the day of the interview, I met Claude at a cafe in Jin Yi Square in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and he came over on a two-wheeled (Claude bought a car, but still never leaves his two-wheeled) He and his wife just moved to the neighborhood and they live-streamed their pet cats at home. I looked at more than 40 houses and chose this one, just to find a larger and more convenient live living room They are now renting a house 132 square meters, the living room is 10 meters long and 4 meters wide, the monthly rent of 10,000 yuan Claudes requirements for life is relatively low, especially material life he does not need a large house, subsistence is satisfied He has a theory to explain: Suppose you live 500 years ago, to eat a full meal should be very happy Happy if at that time I guarantee you a full meal every day, and even meat, are you willing to do something interesting? I think its a sure thing. Now we can have enough food and meat every day, but what are we doing? In the anxiety, in the pain when can change a bigger house, drive a better car Compared to earn money, Claude prefer to do something they are interested in people live, is only to fight for more good memories He said, money in front of the fun (dream), is really secondary, I still the year I quit my job to open a video game store, the pressure has not changed
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