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Several classic tools of foreign exchange trading

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foreign cashback forex forexrebatecommission tools in the form of indices, the correct use of trading tools can inspire, give you a unique worry potential, so it rebatesforexbroker particularly important to learn fxrebatecentral analyze these tools The following is an introduction to several classic tools: 1 best forex rebate company analysis forex trading classic analysis tools of the core and the basis is the trend analysis, that is, the trend bestforexrebatecompany which reveals the main direction of the currency pair, generally divided into three trends, go high The use of trend lines we can get the general direction of the currency pair and future movements of the basic trend line analysis when the price breaks through the inner trend line to the outer trend line (a slightly longer period of time to form the trend line) expansion, indicating a change in momentum Trend analysis is another important factor: once the main trend pattern is judged, the trading strategy will be introduced accordingly Recently the AUD/USD has experienced a 26-week long Recently, the AUD/USD experienced a 26-week long upward trend, heavy investors are inclined to do short term, looking for opportunities to buy low but the trend will not last indefinitely, and then due to the fear of Chinas weakening demand for Australian exports AUD/USD weekly chart trend line break down traders began to short although the Australian fundamentals behind this fluctuation is not announced, but the break down of this trend line alone is enough to make traders reconsider their trading strategies 2 three line breakout after identifying the trend, the most difficult Here we introduce another classic tool - the three-line breakout - to accurately determine trend reversals. The three-line breakout evaluates price movements based on the relationship between successive highs and lows by adding a line (usually a white line) when a new high is made and a black line when a new low is made. Whether the formation and its formation point, such as up to the low point after three consecutive positive candles or up to the high point after three consecutive negative candles, which represents a trend reversal signal Real trading investors can only buy and sell at spot rates, and is limited by the available balance in the account, and because of the foreign exchange forward, foreign exchange options have a magnifying effect, if Mr. Li to two weeks after the correct judgment of the exchange rate trend, the gains will be higher than the real trading Many of these options trading because of the low rates, the amplification effect or more obvious The people said that the foreign exchange real income is low, but the risk of loss is also small, suitable for steady investors; and forward, options and other investment tools may obtain high returns, but may also cause higher losses, more suitable for the foreign exchange market trends have a higher grasp of the higher risk tolerance capacity of people
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