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Several major factors affecting the changes in foreign exchange rates

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The best forex rebate company forexrebatecommission rebatesforexbroker the exchange ratio between the two currencies, subject to various factors constantly changing, the exchange rate generally has two marking methods, namely the direct marking method cashback forex indirect marking method most currencies with the direct marking method, but the euro, the euro and other currencies with a brief marking method, in the BFS foreign exchange MT4 platform there are many fxrebatecentral trading contracts, each currency is replaced by three letters, such as: USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, AUD, NZD. Such as: USDUSD, EUREUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD There are many factors that influence the exchange rate below we will probably introduce a few major factors: 1. If the U.S. and Iran go to war, oil prices will of course bear the brunt, but the exchange rate will certainly also respond to political aspects such as the U.S. government has been forcing the RMB to appreciate through various means, the main purpose of doing so is to limit the development of Chinas economy to maintain the U.S. hegemony 2. Central bank monetary policy In the foreign exchange bestforexrebatecompany, the central bank is one of the main participants, the impact is more direct and effective, through the countrys foreign exchange reserves central bank market operations on the national currency, to improve currency liquidity or tighten the currency in the market central banks main goal is to stabilize the national currency exchange rate in a more suitable position for the central bank intervention policy is mixed, countries hold different attitudes. Mainly according to the position and interests of the countries where the decision such as the Bank of Japan to intervene in the exchange market operations, the yen changed overnight, soaring hundreds of points, the U.S. government subsequently issued a statement criticizing the Japanese governments exchange market intervention policy 3. When the demand for a countrys currency rises, it will naturally cause the exchange rate to rise. 4. Every day will release different information, these information before the release of the expected value, after the release of the revised value of the exchange rate will vary with different situations up and down the foreign exchange market is the worlds largest currency contract speculation market daily trading volume reached hundreds of billions of dollars, speculation on foreign exchange rates also have a great impact