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Speculation in foreign exchange with another eye on the K line

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speculation cashback forex foreign exchange rebatesforexbroker a technical work, is a technical work, which are to be reflected from the K best forex rebate company, K line is my intersection with the city of foreign exchange, we are through the K line to interpret the forexrebatecommission, not exaggerate, now most people look at the K line is the wrong way! Where is the mistake, how should I look at it?  Speculation in foreign exchange to see the K-line error performance in the following aspects A rising line potential market 1. two stars rising market in the case of the pole line is called two stars, three stars, when the stock fxrebatecentral rise if coupled with volume expansion, that is, a very credible time to buy, the stock price is bound to appear again another wave of rising market 2. jumping up in the rising market, a day after jumping out of a positive line, immediately after the emergence of a down Negative line, this is to accelerate the stock price rise, investors need not panic to throw out holdings, the stock price will continue to rise before a wave of upward momentum continue to rise 3. A strong and powerful large positive line upward, in the high-grade will be a little finishing, that is, waiting for a large number of hands, with the expansion of volume, you can judge the emergence of another wave of upward consolidation period of about 6 to 11 days, if the period is too long, it means that the rise is weak. 5. Side by side positive line continuous upward trend, a day jump now positive, and the next day and its almost side by side with a positive line, if the next day open high, you can expect a big Beyond the line of coverage If the line of coverage appears on the way up, it means that the price has reached the sky area, and if a new price of the positive line appears after that, it means that the market has turned into a sign of buying, and the stock price will continue to rise 7. The emergence of three consecutive large negative line, is the stock price hidden into the bottom of the signs, the market will turn to buy, the stock price up 9. up three law The rising market, after the big positive line three consecutive small negative line, which is a sign of momentum, the stock price will rise 10. upward jump speculative foreign exchange above understanding K line is right, but according to the above operation, then absolutely will lose money, speculative foreign exchange to see the key to K line is, from the K line to see trend, rather than a combination of patterns class
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