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Stock market into the foreign exchange market notes

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In recent years, due to the long-term downturn best forex rebate company the securities rebatesforexbroker, forexrebatecommission cashback forex trading has attracted a large number of stockholders, but because of the qualitative differences between the two markets, from the stock market to the investors tend to remain in the stock of a set of operating concepts, such practices are more likely to incur risk here to list the stockholders into the foreign exchange market should pay attention to several issues: 1) no trend concept of Chinas securities market only Long mechanism, no shorting mechanism, long-term battle stock market shareholders are often only accustomed to do more, for the down market do bestforexrebatecompany know how to be good new investors also lack of foreign exchange trend concept, resulting in investors buying fxrebatecentral selling all based on the feeling, the lack of sufficient reasons before the order, the lack of global view (except for short-term transactions) 2) stop loss is not timely shareholders believe that the stock market risk is relatively small, and then fall will not lose all the capital in When participating in foreign exchange trading still exist this fluke, and ignore the trading margin this leverage mechanism, account losses do not strictly implement their own instructions, or simply did not think about stop-loss, it is a big taboo in foreign exchange! A big piece of fat lack of lost; when there is a loss always have the illusion that their own hedge position can boil back the lucky ones may be able to boil back, but the hedge plate often indicates that the position has been in the wrong direction, and then not strictly enforce the stop loss, fear of bad luck 4) often subjective assumptions top and bottom stock prices from 6 yuan up to 20 yuan, randomly called an investor analysis, generally will be judged not easy to chase up, but Europe / America from 1.4330 up to 1.5000 when the general public only from the K-line chart analysis, the top of the fact that the next Europe / the United States has been up to 1.5000 above the accurate judgment of the top and bottom is often not the average investor can do 5) no strict capital management in the stock market, full positions in and out abound, but this move in the currency market should try to avoid capital management for the fundamentals of foreign exchange trading! For those who are new to the foreign exchange market, the study of the rise and fall of the market should be placed in the second capital management reflects the rigor of the investors thinking and operation, the size of the position of the arbitrary often leads to an imbalance in the mindset of trading, is an important reason for the failure of foreign exchange trading