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Technical analysis in foreign exchange trading in several stages

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Some people feel that technical analysis fxrebatecentraldicators obscure best forex rebate company difficult to understand, there is a fear of it in fact, in addition to technical indicators, we forexrebatecommission also observe the trend pattern of the bestforexrebatecompany cashback forex to grasp the timing of entry foreign exchange market 24 hours continuous operation, up and down, never stop its trend is like the Earths day and night transition, week after week with this correspondence, we can be divided into the exchange rate of Tu Tu market trends into bottoming These patterns can be judged by observing the exchange rate chart, such as the commonly used K-line chart to determine a. The bottoming phase of the exchange rate bottoming pattern generally has a triple bottom, head and shoulders bottom, double bottom (W bottom) and semi-circular bottom (pot bottom), etc. The larger the bottom horizontal construction area, the more momentum accumulated on behalf of the rise, the greater the magnitude of the rise in this phase, should be low buy high sell range operations, such as Conservative can give up the rebatesforexbroker of the winning opportunities, to the next stage II, the rising stage when the exchange rate broke the neckline of the previous bottom, it indicates the beginning of a round of upward trend, and the height of the rise is generally the vertical height of the previous bottom this stage is like the physical strength of young people, desperately live forward and run far, jump high, although there is little endurance but encounter difficulties as long as a short rest will be able to start again, just like The main stage of the rise of the market, the magnitude and speed, although it lasted for a short time, but encountered upward pressure as long as a little back to finish can immediately launch a new round of upward attack The initial period of the stage should be the best time for us to bravely buy the rising stage is also the main source of our profits three, building head stage is the late stage of the rise of the market trend at this time attempts to push up again, but more than exhaustion can not break through The previous wave of highs, the last downward breakthrough neckline to complete the head and enter the down phase at this stage, the pre-medium and long-term buy orders should be out, the short term can try to do fast in and fast out of the range operation four, the down phase and the up phase of the same reasoning, but in the opposite direction at this stage of disillusionment, the exchange rate is unable to support the rapid rate of decline until the momentum disappears into the bottoming phase down phase should be resolutely killed, the stop loss quickly stop loss otherwise huge losses