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The big summary of the signs of a closed position

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do rebatesforexbroker do well in foreign exchange investment bestforexrebatecompany face a very harsh reality, burst! Here I simply l best forex rebate companyt a few signs of a burst position, the shortcomings hope you correct 1, short - long - lock - burst If friends you will see forexrebatecommission post, I know you fxrebatecentral rainbow, like, there is not enough can make you fail to the bottom of the family, so your mode of operation is definitely short most of the position will not be held for more than 15 trading days, except for the set above this line is the most burst position common pattern short term to long term transformation is definitely the most remorseful stage of your future 2, earn 10,000 did not go, the last dime did not go such a symptom is the most easy mistake I make, likewise, I believe there are countless friends will certainly make the same mistake, we are greedy people, even greedy, but if we are not greedy not greedy we will not meet again in this cashback forex but failure is your greed for the market There are too many illusions, because this time you forget that the market is cruel, cruel explanation is not perfect!  3, the calculation of 10 cents Do foreign exchange friends know that the bull market and bear market without absolute boundaries, profits exist and you operate it every day, low slag high estimate, is definitely the most apt description of the market, but this low and high judgment and choice is a great discipline, but also requires great luck, so we can choose is the band for the band, you choose the key is to enter the point, so you care about you In fact, this time is when you fantasize, when you move the moment to follow up, is definitely the best time, because that time is when you feel the most sensitive, but your first reaction is definitely to wait, may be that you move the moment the price level a go, and when you are chagrined, you will be very impulsive choice to follow up, remember, impulsiveness is the devil, this time is very likely to be this The end of the wave, you, set The point is not absolute, see any price to go in is reasonable, the key is the grasp of the stop-loss and stop-win 4, set single - lock single - cut single 2 times the amount of single backhand - burst position When you single set, is a very distressing thing, when your single set, when your patience is disturbed by the price fluctuations, you will be extremely blind to choose to cut single backhand chase, and double the cabin. This time can be very responsible to tell you that the chances of you winning is very small, and you are pushing open the door to bursting The mastery of the cabin is always the performance of risk control 5, 10,000USD and 100,000USD difference Many friends into the market because the market is attractive to you, you saw the previous months to continuous unilateral rise in profits driven, you think if it is you, you will take 10,000USD full position to do, you You can get someone else 100,000 operating profits, you think you are a lucky guy with a brain huh, congratulations, bursting the position is not you how much to pay, how much to gain, this is a thousand years of the same truth you are also in the cycle
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