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The bottom of several K-line combination pattern

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   (a) red three soldiers: after the plunge market, the short side has been unable to cont fxrebatecentralue to beat the low best forex rebate company rebatesforexbroker, the exchange rate in the low price area was a narrow range of fluctuations, small positive lines bestforexrebatecompany small negative lines alternately, the cashback forex shrinks after a longer period of finishing, the party has accumulated enough energy to rise, accompanied by an even enlargement of the volume, the plate appears continuous rise of three Small positive, so that the exchange rate breakthrough plate began to rise the three small positive line called red three soldiers, its appearance indicates that the possibility of a significant rise in the market (b) the bottom of the arc: with the exchange rate is gradually beaten low, the empty side of the energy consumption is great, the two sides into a standoff phase, at this time the price trend is stable, the volume shrinks followed by a step-by-step counterattack, accompanied by the volume of amplification, the exchange rate gradually rise, breaking through three consecutive The pressure of the moving average, and hit a new high in the near future, indicating that multiple parties have dominated, the exchange rate will rise (c) V-shaped bottom: when the short side continuously hit the exchange rate low for short energy exhaustion, multiple parties immediately launched a counter-offensive, do not give the short side a chance to breathe, in cooperation with the volume, the exchange rate gradually pushed up, forming a V-shaped uptrend (d) reversal cross: in the falling market cross, the Description of the lower gear to take up the force is stronger, with the appearance of the later positive, indicating that the party not only in the cross at the effective blocking of the empty side of the attack, and launched a counter-offensive, at this time can confirm that this is a counter-attack cross, the market will be controlled by the party gradually higher (e) W bottom (double bottom): the empty side of three consecutive negative, suppression energy exhausted, the party launched a counter-offensive, but in the height of the previous dense trading area blocked back down, but the exchange rate is Did not fall below the previous low, then, the party again launched a counter-offensive, a breakthrough of the previous resistance, and gradually go higher when the exchange rate from the second valley bottom rose more than 3% of the top price, can be regarded as an effective breakthrough of the exchange rate of this trend to form a double bottom, for the market to rise (F) head and shoulders bottom: the exchange rate after a long decline, the volume significantly reduced, the exchange rate slowed and slightly rebounded, a slight increase in volume, the formation of the left shoulder Immediately after continuing to fall to probe the bottom, encounter multi-party counterattack, volume quickly enlarged, the exchange rate rises above the low price of the left shoulder, forming a head and shoulders bottom, and again back down, forming another bottom that is the right shoulder, the bottom is not lower than the head and shoulders bottom after this multi-party counterattack, in cooperation with large volume will pull up the exchange rate, such as the exchange rate rises more than 3% of the neckline level can be confirmed after the market uptrend, the minimum range of the exchange rate rise for the bottom to The vertical distance of the exchange rate of the neckline (g) low gear five-positive line: five or more small positive lines in a row in the low-price area, indicating that there are many low-absorbers, strong buying, the bottom has been formed, multi-party accumulation of energy is about to explode, the possibility of a rise in the market is great
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