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The dry goods! How should I trade when I encounter an oscillation in the foreign exchange market

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The essence of the best forex rebate company rebatesforexbroker the balance of long bestforexrebatecompany short forces or trad forexrebatecommissiong session light balance of long and short forces appear at different times and places have different meanings 1, first need to define their own oscillation and fxrebatecentral definition is their own operational roadmap cashback forex is the oscillation, what bookmark when what conditions are the hint of the oscillation appears, need to be alert, what conditions are the oscillation is very likely, what conditions are the confirmation of the oscillation, what conditions are the end of the oscillation the hint of, what is the end of the oscillation is very likely, what is the confirmation of the end of the oscillation with what tools: Dow, average, trend line or other indicators 2, observe the various cycles to determine the impact of this oscillation on the operation of this cycle is an oscillation, for the upper cycle is only part of the trend, for the lower cycle is a few sections of the trend for different cycles is a different treatment of the operation of this cycle, the strategy is to sell high and suck low, with oscillation Tools oscillation trading, stop loss range outside the operation of the upper cycle, along with the big trend, trend tools trend trading operation of the lower cycle, along with the small trend, trend trading 3, oscillations appear in different positions, the processing results are different 1) resistance support position oscillation, easy out of the direction generally speaking, this place in the oscillation has not been identified when it should have entered the market, with the repeated market, oscillation quotes appear to be identified If a stop loss comes out, wait patiently for the end of the oscillation to see the opportunity to enter 2) the end of the market oscillation, usually a reversal in gold foreign exchange, pay particular attention to the end of the market in the top or bottom range oscillation, usually a large sun or large yin homeopathic breakthrough oscillation, causing the trend to continue the illusion and then prices slowly fall back to engulf the large sun or large yin, the market to reverse, do not hesitate to enter immediately, the Stop loss top 4, there is a single in hand, there is a shock, according to the size of the risk different treatment 1) If it is just starting to open a position, there is a shock, indicating that there is no good timing, because with a single in the shock market drift, it is easy to get up emotions, destroy the mentality, so this time, either set a time stop, or set a price stop 2) If it is a single in hand, has been out of danger, able to protect themselves, but did not reach the target, then the oscillation does not need to deal with, with it oscillation, the end of the oscillation to observe whether there is an opportunity to increase positions 3) If the hands have been set single ...... did not cut the reference to the first situation in front of 5, some people are good at operating trends, some people are good at operating oscillations, have to understand their own character with like which operation different quotes, will Formation of different trading thinking habits habitual operation trend, thinking is to follow the trend, eyes on the end of the retracement to do a single, good at long term habitual operation oscillator, thinking is counter-trend, eyes on the opportunity to grab the rebound, good at short term habitual trend trading, oscillation when frequent loss of money, see the operation oscillator frequent profit, change habits to operate oscillator, the results are easy to die in the trend habitual oscillator operation, regret not Catch the big trend, run to operate the trend, the result is easy to be shocked to death can be in the shock and trend can be comfortable, that is many years of trading polished out of the master remember, the possible big opportunity in front of do not operate the shock, but eyes on the timing of capturing the big opportunity to participate in the shock market too much, and in vain to spend energy confidence and patience, resulting in the arrival of trend opportunities lack of preparation for poor performance
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