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The establishment of a stable and profitable forex trading system

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    Each rebatesforexbroker traders forex forexrebatecomm bestforexrebatecompanysion system is based on their perception of the world:   Some fxrebatecentral believe cashback forex prices fluctuate up best forex rebate company down around the value, the study of the nature of the value of the natural price can be reflected, so the emergence of the fundamental school of thought; some people think that the fundamentals ultimately to the technical side of the trend to reflect, there is a school of technical analysis; some people think that the fundamentals and technical aspects of the combination of each other, will be more guidance for the price trend    light from the technical school of thought:     some people think that the market is unpredictable Predictable, the next price can rise can fall, the ratio is 50% of each So there is a group of forex trading systems specializing in position management, regardless of the rise and fall, regardless of forex trading varieties using similar grid forex trading, etc., constantly adding positions and reducing positions to achieve profits      Someone with four words can be overnight The rich things and must be reversed, "big time" in the Zheng Shaoqiu is typical, the world is doing more HSI, he full short position reflected to the technical side, these people use the KDJ/RSI and other overbought oversold indicators, but also in this market can become a myth      Some people think that 80% of the market is oscillating, as long as Constantly grasp the profits in the oscillating market, will be enough to make up for the losses caused by the remaining 20% of the trend market they began to constantly establish and improve their own forex trading system based on the oscillating market inside with a lot of oscillating indicators and may use trend indicators such as averages to indicator resonance to filter out the real oscillating market     Some people think that the market In a certain period of time may be oscillating, while in a smaller period of time is the trend will begin to appear multiple time period of the forex trading system to find a long period of oscillating market in a certain section, in a small period of time to find the top or bottom to support long or short     Some people are only willing to do the trend, think only this kind of market can let profits run The trend market respects the trend of the wave to run, it began to appear wave theory, Fibonacci (golden split) theory      Some people believe that people have weaknesses, there are emotions, joy and sorrow, they believe that people in the short term is possible to profit, but in the long term, or under the large capital, or in a particular There is no way to guarantee profit in the environment, so there is a group of research intelligent forex trading system (EA) people, including the famous Soross Quantum Fund have this configuration and then subdivided down, there is a fully automatic forex EA and semi-automatic forex EA many can achieve a certain period and environment in the profit at least overcome the human weaknesses      ;  The reason for this is that each person identifies with a different idea, to put it mildly, a different outlook on life, leading to a different forex trading system established by it     And whether the forex trading system established to make money only needs to be constantly reviewed and verified in real life      ;Eventually, it dawns on you that you will find that most forex trading systems are able to make money eventually losing money people just dont have enough beliefs and do the same outlook on life and values not many people, which more or less constitutes the 2,8 law of this forex trading market     So, forex trading systems are simple, ask yourself, your beliefs are What? As long as you are willing to adhere to her, implement her, do not doubt her, never leave, mutual progress, mutual growth stable profit and what is difficult