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The foreign exchange industry for 8 years write a technical post share to the exchange friends

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good knowledge rebatesforexbroker judgment best forex rebate company only a superficial glory, it is only to let the bra fxrebatecentral in thinking in a normal state a rational brain at least to have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and the right choice, education and experience is to exercise the brain to become rational and can think correctly way, cashback forex is also this socially recognized method to place a trade The success or otherwise, the ultimate or to return to the plate, find the single, close, profit, stop loss of a reasonable basis, and the implementation of the, get a good profit is the core of the transaction away from these, everything is empty talk hope that everyone in the state of thinking to stay awake, to seize the essence of things personal basic forexrebatecommission how to talk about trading and placing orders here, because this thing seems to be very complicated, so many The core of the core is that, clear what the current trend is, how I should bestforexrebatecompany, to seize this, is to seize the lifeblood of the transaction profitability there are many people, to the trend of trading The system is very complicated, in a large number of indicators and graphs are detained in a handful of confused, dizzy, and finally is shooting indiscriminately to do a good job in the first step of trading, is to reduce their own mistakes, a bucket can be full of water, first of all, to ensure that it does not leak, to be profitable, first of all, ask yourself how the bucket, if your system is proven to be a broken sieve, then you better give up early, start over, from the big skeleton can be said, as long as the profit, and do not care very violent, that is very simple, assuming you do 15 minutes chart, only one average, such as the opportunity to do 15 minutes chart with EXPONENTIAL moving average 240, (put another way is the opportunity to do 1 hour chart with 60 average, 240 15 minutes is 60 hours, with 15 minutes to see, just to zoom in, so that the naked eye of mortals (can see more clearly, a little higher resolution) as long as the price across the 15-minute chart of the moment of this average line in the direction of crossing the single, at this time simply do not have to set a stop loss, because in the vast majority of cases is the single will be profitable, because you are trading in the direction, not in the down time in doing more, not in the up time in doing short, not in guessing the bottom to feel the top, do not worry about doing wrong, because you would have been Do the right thing, did not do wrong, there will be no loss, stop-loss settings in the end is just the situation, if the trader has the psychological effect of fear, or only a certain tolerance, then you set your acceptable stop-loss points I want to emphasize the point that the stop-loss is the means used only in the case of doing wrong, but also in order to prevent the emergence of sudden and violent reverse fluctuations in the case of spare tools, but also Avoid in the inability to look at the plate and rest, there is a trend change and buy insurance, so as not to appear large unexpected reverse loss set stop loss, just like buying car insurance, is to prevent accidents, as long as the car and driving are error-free, no others hit your car accident, not drunk driving, your driving is normal, car insurance will not be used after the order, the next thing to do is to continue to look at the plate, to judge the crossing of this Sustainability and space to go how far, once up more, then you can rest assured that let it run, and then judge where the upper side of the pressure position, whether to take profits to close, in fact, the ability to take profits is the core ability of a trader, because this is involved in the trend of pressure and support of the judgment and grasp of the problem, involving the issue of how much profit per order, entry is very simple, is to follow the trend, and exit only to decide How much your account earnings, perhaps the same order, some people 20 points on the run, while some people can profit to the entire space or continue to trade operations on the side, because the trend, after the order, in most cases immediately profitable, you continue to look at the plate, in judgment of the strength of the trend and space, at which point you can set a good profit after the protection price, that is, your 15-minute line 240 is located in the Price position, it up, you follow the upward movement, once the reverse crossing, is the basis for the reverse single, because this is your trading pattern, entry mode, the original single even if you have not yet closed in the upper side of the high point of profit, but also must be out of the field Some people may never think about why trading with the price crossing average is reasonable, because the price crossing up, it means that the original average price in the increase value, then the price average will move up, the slope of the average must be changing, slowly change and accumulate, and finally you will see a period of time after the average moved up a lot, and so the price re-enter the short, the position of the average must be higher than the position of your entry, whether you see with the naked eye or not, the value must be so two positions in the middle of the positive space, to ensure that your profit model The reasonableness of the short reason are the same this is also mathematics in telling you why, in order to ensure that you place a single theoretical basis, not personal in thinking of course such as using this simple system, 240 line 15 minutes of simple price crossing mode, to see Europe and the United States, Australia and the United States, pounds, silver, gold, all the objects, what is the recent trend, which time is the opportunity to enter, there are several opportunities to place a single transaction, there are How many opportunities to follow the single, are you working against the tips in the system? I think the system clearly told you early, you are doing the right, or wrong if you do not have a global view, only confined to small fluctuations, confined to those so-called pressure and support position, they can not maintain a clear direction, only know the theory, do not know the actual application, only know those so-called technical terms and can not understand and use in place, then I suggest or forget what support, pressure, K-line combination, etc., ignore those tips. K-line combinations, etc., ignore those small fluctuations in their own systems do not respond, honestly do something simple, start over, perhaps so you can find a new self, just talk about these, there must be people who can get from my paragraph what the last advice to everyone is, do not participate in too many what to discuss, do not read too many trading advice, do not mix with those intermediaries trading advice, to maintain their independence of judgment, their own technical terms and can not understand and use in place. To maintain the independence of their own judgment, they are a lonely walker, basically do not communicate with outside peers, because this industry, to a certain point, it is simple to nothing to communicate, write these also as a reflection and summary, to stay a little spiritual wealth, shopping forums also as leisure and, you know, the middlemen are hoping that the more traders do the more often the better, if you make hundreds of thousands of points a hand, they If you make hundreds of thousands of points a hand, they only get a few dozen dollars or a few hundred yuan in fees, they will have to lose their jobs, only you have a high ultra-short term trading ability and energy, such as doing 1 minute, 5 minutes of fluctuations, you will have and intermediaries win-win opportunities Author: Time and Space Trilogy
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