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The foreign exchange margin trading market does not exist pure rationalization

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The cashback forex exchange rebatesforexbroker best forex rebate company both objective fxrebatecentral subjective, the reason for this is because the psychological factors forexrebatecommission the formation of market price trends in the process is also a very large proportion of the role of these factors under the formation of the trend is also naturally inevitable by their influence to say that the market is objective because its trend is clear and clear rather than ambiguous so, foreign exchange bestforexrebatecompany market, especially the foreign exchange margin trading market pure rationalization does not exist In economics, if you win in an unregulated market, there will never be an exact pattern of winning, which is what investors dont want to see, dont want to admit, and what they fear. This is the reason why most people prefer to recognize the "rational market" theory, and why many economists are also supporters and advocates of rational markets, and why market analysis is now based on the theory of rational markets. However, due to a number of factors, this phenomenon has never occurred in the FX margin trading market and is unlikely to occur. The above phenomenon can only be explained by the fact that a semi-rational market with a lack of uniformity of opinion is leading participants to make buying and selling decisions.  In addition, market rationalization theory also involves a price cycle regression problem to "rational" forex margin trading cycle regression theory to predict the general direction of the market is also inaccurate all the applicability of the theory is reflected in the market, is the market is leading us investors, guide us how to do any too biased The operation of the "rationalization cycle theory" is contrary to the intent of the market and the market "against" the person is undoubtedly self-destructive Thus, it can be seen that the operation of the foreign exchange margin trading market is not simply controlled by its own rational and logical Because of the psychological factors on the The role of the foreign exchange margin trading market so the market is impossible to be absolutely rational, but in the analysis of the reason we are not often involved in this issue is because we can not be accurate speculation on any individual investment psychology, this time we have to refer to some fundamental news on the majority of peoples investment psychology to make an expectation and as far as possible according to the current market trends Make sensible investment decisions, so that you can increase your chances of winning  
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