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The foreign exchange platform that gives away $100 for opening an account is it reliable

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In the cashback forex exchange forexrebatecommissiondustry for a long time, the fxrebatecentral to attract foreign exchange traders of all kinds of tricks are best forex rebate company strange, anyway, in order to attract more foreign exchange investors, large bestforexrebatecompany small foreign exchange platform merchants of all kinds of skills are used, 100% free gold ...... ultra-low spreads ... ...Free VPS server ...... send iPad, iPhone, etc. Recently many foreign exchange dealers also began another promotion, th rebatesforexbroker trick is more vicious - open a free 100 U.S. dollars to open a free 100 The actual money is given to you, and the conditions for receiving it are not high, only need to trade 10 lots or 20 lots to receive, such conditions Im afraid than those so-called 100% to receive the conditions are much easier but this is really the world falling pie to our investors? The pie may fall from the sky, but never for free! In fact, the traders launched this account opening bonus 100 U.S. dollars of activity is precisely to seize the Chinese habit of picking up cheap (in fact, the same all over the world), a hearing is a free gift of 100 U.S. dollars, and the conditions of receipt is not high, such a bargain not to take advantage of not to take advantage of such psychology also happens to be the trap of the traders! Lets speculate what the real purpose of these traders who launched the account to give away $100 is! First: we know that 100 U.S. dollars for people speculating in foreign exchange, especially foreign exchange novice is certainly not very good resistance to risk, not to mention trading 10 hands, 1 hand Im afraid it is difficult, when you have a loss, the platform business will "kindly" remind you can deposit to resist the risk, many investors also have this "Do not believe this evil" psychological effect, began to add gold, add gold ...... slowly accumulate into more, the more losses, then congratulations, you will really fall into the trap of the trader! Second: for forex traders, open an account to give away 100 U.S. dollars this is how big a temptation ah, if I participate in this activity, I may introduce this activity to my customers or my friends, so also indirectly help these traders to do free publicity, which is really gold cup silver cup is not as good as the peoples word of mouth, ah, a pass ten ten hundred, more and more people go in, the purpose of the trader on Achieved! So such activities in the end can participate in it? Can but the premise is that first you must examine the platform business, in the end the strength of how, we choose the foreign exchange platform first to see the strength of the platform, not to see what he accepts the regulation, now FCA-regulated platforms are not a few, and these platforms are basically nothing to open an account to send 100, 100% of the activities of the gold, the real activities are basically some of the lower and middle stream platform business How to see the strength of the platform business? In fact, the only way we contact him is the website, then we enter his website, we have to browse more of his page, as opposed to the regular platform business website interface is certainly not too bad, and will not appear to click a page on the error prompt, you can try to click on its online customer service, to see the rate of answer, half a day ignore your advice also do not choose to participate in these gold activities The friends, must remember that "appropriate and stop" to give you money for nothing can certainly take, one can exercise our trading skills, and secondly, if you really meet the conditions, get these grants for us is also a reward, did not get, or platform business does not give you, you have not lost anything! But must be appropriate to stop, the foreign exchange market and the casino, do not kill the red eyes!
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