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The great way to the simple foreign exchange trend manipulation master Mr. y

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trend prophet note: no enlightenment before best forex rebate company did not recognize the value of th rebatesforexbroker article now I will put it on the top, hop forexrebatecommissiong that scholars can be early on the Avenue in the bestforexrebatecompany, if there are 100 analysts, will certainly be divided into three factions: bullish, bearish, consolidation these three people have their own reasons who can not convince anyone, but the market has only one performance, either up, or fxrebatecentralwn, or consolidation, your transaction can only look in one direction Therefore, in the process of making transactions, you can certainly only do a direction, you must have their own unique views, as well as the method of trading you simply do not care what analysts say I know a foreign exchange trading Mr. Y, Mr. Y in the foreign exchange market has been fighting for seven or eight years, he said to me: If the chart appears on the technical patterns I am familiar with, regardless of which A group of currencies, I am sure to do transactions, whether it is an upward crossover or downward crossover, I am sure to place a single transaction, anyway, I prepared in advance for each risk of 25 points of loss, once the bottom of this limit, I will admit to lose out if the market can not eliminate me out of the game, it is time for me to make money Tell you what, I have been adhering to this principle to do transactions, make money for 80% of the transactions, only 20% of the time to lose money In my best state, 95% of my transactions are profitable cashback forex, each time the money lost are within my control (I know, he used the money earned in the foreign exchange market to buy a house and a car, but also with the family to travel abroad 2-3 times a year) he joked: in front of the method and trading principles, I am a robot do not talk to me about how others see the market, and do not talk to me about the news, I only believe that I have a little technical skills to do the transaction. I only believe that my little bit of technology and trading principles for each of my transactions, other things are meaningless I asked: loss on your mindset?Y A: Joking, contrary to the average person, I like to lose money within my loss plan, these small planned losses, only to show that my analysis and methods are still flawed, it helps me to improve my skills and trading Method I ask: How do you implement your trading principles and the discipline of stop loss? A: Trading is actually very simple, at all times, stop loss is the first, know how to stop loss to be eligible to make big money every time to my loss amount, I do not hesitate to stop loss out of the market, although sometimes it proves that I only need to endure a few more points of loss to make big money, but I never regret, because, their trading principles can not be destroyed you think about it, in a fierce fight in the market, your The way to survive is so little principle, you do not consciously comply with, you do not have ten heads? A normal-minded speculator must be honest and trustworthy to the market and themselves, must honestly behave, honestly abide by the principles and discipline once you find yourself judged wrong, honestly hand over their prepared silver to those who judge the correct speculators in turn, once you judge correctly, others will also be good enough to hand over money to you the market is actually so simple, there is not much theory it is all speculators I asked: you never listen to other peoples advice? Y A: Never listen to anyones advice this reason is very simple I often ask those who give me advice, you do it yourself? Please follow your own understanding to trade it Many people tell me that he himself did not do ha ha! They have no confidence in themselves, how can they guide others to trade? This society is very interesting, some people always want to be the master, but they do not do the trade themselves haha! Incredible I asked: Do you just do the form you are familiar with?Y A: Isnt that enough? You know, in a year, I have 120 trading opportunities after the preferential selection, I only do 60 of these transactions I have 50 opportunities to make money, each time earn more than 120 points, I do at least one lot of transactions each time, even if a lot, a time to earn $ 1200! Usually this transaction only takes a few hours to complete, a year down is $60,000! Isnt that enough for a person to work for a year to earn how much? I asked: what is the secret of your long-term struggle in this market where people are afraid to do? A: Confidence: absolute confidence, unconditional confidence in fact, the market is very simple, after I paid a lot of tuition, I just figured this out, is our own character defects to make simple things complicated the market and then fierce, in front of my trading principles, it can do nothing to me, because my trading principles and discipline is to respect the laws of the market I every moment to the market, the market is my God, is also my rice bowl I can not respect it? At the same time, I respect the market, which also happens to be my self-confidence, I should say, is my faith If you want me to believe in a religion, I will not hesitate to believe in technical indicators deviation taught me Q: How do you set your stop-loss orders?Y A: Once the order is traded, the stop-loss orders under the in and out I believe very much in their own technology, each of my transactions are likely to make money, just & lsquo; may & rsquo; it is just rsquo; only I understand one thing, only stop-loss technology to ensure that my capital does not appear to be a big loss so, I do transactions at any time, are the first time the stop-loss single under the in and out in fact, you want to make money when the grandfather, first learn to lose a little money when the grandson this, in any industry is universal I asked: very wise, but, you are not afraid of those deliberate sweeping stop-loss behavior? Y A: My technical analysis already contains elements to deal with such behavior, as for those outside my consideration of the sweeping stop-loss behavior, I must treat it as normal trading I never think the market will deliberately bully me The market is open to every speculator fair and just and anyones judgment and one-way trading skills are flawed, only the stop-loss is eternal Because of this, speculators should always To keep the fear of the market, do not hold any fluke mentality I was wrong, that must be I was wrong, rather than what is wrong with the market I was wrong, admit to lose, there is no excuse a person who is wrong, lost money, but also to find a whole lot of objective reasons, that is shameful, is the performance of the weak If you are wrong, and do not admit fault, no one can help you, except for the stop-loss I Q: precisely, how do you understand Stop-loss technology Y A: the principle of stop-loss is actually very simple if you deposit a margin of 50,000 U.S. dollars in the foreign exchange market, to do leveraged transactions, between 20-400 times the choice, assuming that you do only one lot at a time (EUR / USD, or GBP / USD, or AUD / USD), if you do it wrong, you plan each stop loss of 25 points, that is, 250 U.S. dollars; if you do it right If done right, according to my technology, each time at least 120 points can be earned, that is, 1200 U.S. dollars from the theoretical point of view, your 50,000 U.S. dollars enough to stop you 200 times, and my technology to make money the probability is 80%, the probability of losing money is 20%, which means that in 200 transactions, I can earn 192,000 U.S. dollars, and lose money at most only 10,000 U.S. dollars, so that I can earn 182,000 U.S. dollars This truth is clear to anyone, very simple I asked: This is your winning model in the foreign exchange market Y A: Yes, so to speak this is my way of survival in the foreign exchange market, but also my winning model we speculators, to make a little silver in the fierce market, we must constantly copy their own successful winning model he said so, but also do so you can say that he is a paranoid, but You can say he is a paranoid, but the speculators in the market have to admire him, he is based on a little technology: 5 minutes and 120 minutes of indicators crossed at the same time, top and bottom divergence, simple can not be simpler He makes a living with this little technology, and, life is easier than 99% of the people on this planet, and simple in the time of trading, he only deal with the market, earn money, he will invite friends together for a cup of coffee The companys main goal is to exchange the experience of trading, or talk a little bit about the philosophy of Lao Tzus Wuwei 
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