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The impact of the fundamentals from the technical side

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Most of the huge changes rebatesforexbroker the cashback forex side triggered by the fundamentals, in fact, early in the technical side gave a warning, whether you can detect it, depending on whether investors really work on it Beijing time on December 3 20:45 forexrebatecommission the time of the European Central Bank announced the interest rate resolution, and then at 20:41 before bestforexrebatecompany, the Financial Times rele fxrebatecentraled news that the European Central Bank will Maintain interest rates unchanged 4 minutes later, the ECB announced a cut in deposit rates despite the Financial Times later said that the previous was a miscommunication, but the results of the best forex rebate company rose sharply did not change: the euro was stronger across the board that day, the euro / dollar fluctuations of 464 points that day, the magnitude of the more rare If from the perspective of a comprehensive review of the event and its details, it is important for us to emphasize the following three points  First, the full rise of the euro is actually not from 20:41 minutes to start  1 minute chart of the day shows that as early as 20:37 minutes Beijing time the euro began to rise across the board  Second, the Financial Times 20:41 minutes after the release of the news, the euro / dollar in 1 minute chart for four minutes (including 1 minute for the horizontal) to 20:44:59  nbsp;When 20:45 announced the ECB interest rate resolution, the EUR/USD instead hit the days low; then in that 1 minute, continuous upward, and then hit the days high 20:45 EUR/USD fluctuations of 173 points, the magnitude of the more rare That day, since then the EUR/USD established an uptrend, even 21:30 ECB Presidents speech did not change the EUR/ dollar upward trend As of 20:45, even if the Financial Times news makes the euro rise, then the market also through the mechanism of buying hearsay, selling facts to make the euro fall again, eliminating the rumors brought about by the previous euro upward trend Then, bizarrely, the impact of the news misinformation has been eliminated at 20:45, what force is driving the euro a significant rise?  I believe that, in fact, the technical side has foreseen the possibility of the euro rising Although no one can foresee the euro / dollar and other euro currency pairs can start a strong rally, but the possibility of rebound is obvious from the technical side, there are the following three points worthy of attention One, the futures market short positions in the euro reached a recent record high The second, the The euro has been close to the position near the top of this years lows the most important thing is that for several weeks, the euro / dollar, although constantly hitting new lows for several months, but the gap between the new low and the previous low is very small, and each time a new low will quickly rebound In fact, many of the fundamental events caused by the technical change, as early as the fundamental news appeared before, the technical side has given a warning for example, this year A shares of the stock market crash A little investment experience investors as long as they look at two issues, they can escape the crash One is, no investment concept of the group are blindly into the field because others make money, is a typical money-making effect fermentation this phenomenon and the 1929 stock market crash as one In July 1927, Joseph Kennedy (President Kennedys father) in the rush to On the way to Wall Street, met a shoe shine boy enthusiastically told him the stock market insider news Kennedy rushed to sell all the stocks he explained: when the shoe shine boy knows as much stock information as I do, its time to exit the stock market Second, in technical terms, this years stock market crash is not a raging overnight, during the decline is also carried out gradually review the chart of the general market, you will find that the market first by falling below 5,000 points to form a small head, and then fell below 4431.56 points to form a medium-term head if you can drop at 4430 points, the will not suffer a stock market crash it I think most of the fundamentals triggered by the technical side of the giant change, in fact, as early as the technical side gave warning, whether you can detect it, depending on whether the investor really work under the
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