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The real forex expert should learn good at waiting for opportunities

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Although the market opportunities are unlimited, but the opportunities belong rebatesforexbrokerg to you are very limited, best forex rebate company you can grasp the opportunity fxrebatecentral even less everyone has strengths and weaknesses, objective understanding of their own, subjective analysis of their own, in order to understand their own positioning in their own opportunities appear before, to learn to hold a calm mind and patiently wait for the opportunity, the opportunity belonging to others with appreciation The attitude of the self-knowledgeable understand that there is never a "perfect deal", not before, and will not have never regret missing the low price to cashback forex, and not because of the failure to maximize profits and worry about the complete process of foreign exchange trading is: "waiting to buy - - buy - wait to sell -buy - wait to sell - sell - wait to buy again" before you completely exit the market It is true that bestforexrebatecompany is a prerequisite for successful manipulation, a forexrebatecommission buy point allows you to stand according to a good position, and therefore into the attack can be defended, and the subsequent confidence in the position to provide strong psychological support and room for maneuvering sell is to close the previous buy profit or buy into the loss of stop loss, which is more important than buying in specific cases skillful grasp of the operation of the sell point, can Effectively overcome the inherent weaknesses in human nature it allows foreign exchange traders in the market trend to see good when the bold position to expand profits, and in adverse circumstances the whole body and save strength will buy is a migrant brother, will sell is the master of the sentence that the master can understand more than migrant brother human weaknesses ----- greed and fear, and can control some of the human nature of the weaknesses that are difficult to eradicate these two points for each foreign exchange trader To say that the most important, but not the most important, manipulation of the vital skill is good at waiting, therefore, will short position is the grandfather of the foreign exchange market wait, in a sense is a comprehensive quality of the embodiment of this skill to a certain extent reflects the forex traders buying skills and selling skills, more importantly, it reflects the traders psychological quality of high and low foreign exchange market in the final analysis is the people and people The game, the objective strengths and weaknesses of various groups of people have a greater impact on the outcome of the game, but the decisive factor in the outcome of the game is the psychological quality of various groups of people we are training buying and selling skills, but also the opportunity to wait and the mentality of training good at waiting for people must be good at buying and selling, and good at buying and selling people are not necessarily good at waiting for ways to improve buying and selling skills in addition to learning operational skills, the most important The most important thing is to analyze and summarize the actual operation in the past, to find out the shortcomings or defects in the operation, especially the common problems to find it, solve it, after such a continuous cycle, buying and selling skills will reach a higher level When your buying and selling skills reach a certain level, you should move quickly when buying and selling transactions, and need to wait patiently when the opportunity to buy and sell has not yet arrived, and over time you will be more confident, more Patience martial arts novels on martial arts masters are generally described as: a sword to seal the throat, a strike missed the whole body and retreat from the art of war: good attackers move above the nine heavens, good defenders hide under the nine earth Although it is not necessary to become a so-called master, but this truth must be deeply comprehended learn to wait, good at waiting
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