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The technical analysis of forex trading

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Today I have time to talk to you about some of my own rebatesforexbrokersights forex trading best forex rebate company simply the relationship between buying bestforexrebatecompany selling, there is a simple supply and demand relationship so we through the technical analysis of what exactly is an analysis of one, first of all we need to know the underlying cause of fxrebatecentral fluctuations is what caused the price fluctuations?What is represented by the K line? We know the price fluctuations is because the forexrebatecommission in the peoples buying and selling, peoples trading behavior caused the price fluctuations K line is mapped to the market in the peoples trading behavior So come on, what we are analyzing is to analyze peoples trading behavior and emotions Many people cashback forex say that the fundamentals affect the technical side, I do not deny this point of view, but in the end is why the fundamentals to the news after the market in the prices will fluctuate sharply? The bottom line is that peoples emotions, peoples trading behavior (for example: the market is now selling eggs for 1 yuan a piece, but by the evening the news said that the bird flu is now ravaging serious, the future may be a massacre of poultry, including chickens then the news everyone knows, chickens will become less, as opposed to eggs will also be less, then all of the price of eggs will have a redefinition, after the eggs (The price of eggs will definitely go up on the second day of selling eggs, buy eggs also agreed to the price of eggs, they will use the high price to buy eggs) This is a simple supply and demand relationship mapped to the market, then we will not be difficult to know the essence of the fundamentals of the impact is not the price, but peoples trading sentiment fundamentals ---- generate peoples trading sentiment ---- cause peoples trading behavior ---- Eventually lead to price fluctuations so we are through the chart to carry out technical analysis is actually to analyze the groups psychological expectations of trading two, shallow talk about "homeopathic trading" I believe that many newcomers will be told must be homeopathic trading, not counter-trend this sentence is a famous saying but also a most useless nonsense potential? What is potential? Potential is the future, not the present, so you so-called homeopathic is now the potential or the future potential? If you do trade with the so-called famous words to do a single I believe that your single will be set in the highest or lowest point ~ then we do trade how to do now we lead to "homeopathy need to first identify the potential" concept which is also the core idea of the method I use: identify the potential how to identify the potential in the market? First of all, we need to recognize the market, see the nature of the market, the previous has said that the price fluctuations in the market is because of peoples trading behavior, then we have to go through the K-line and so on to observe the psychological expectations of the group we are in the market in the appropriate psychological expectations of the point of entry, is what we need to do three, support and resistance to follow the trend need to first identify the trend, then in the chart which points are peoples psychological expectations of the point it? Lets talk about support resistance, support resistance as the name implies support: the price reached a price level when the price rose, played the role of support resistance: the price reached a price level when the price fell, played the role of resistance So what caused the price to rise and fall at a particular point? As already said, the fundamental reason is because peoples trading emotions caused by the trading behavior when everyone believes that the price will definitely rise in this position, people will be in this position into the single, a large number of single to push the price up when everyone believes that the price will definitely fall in this position, people will be in this position into the short single, a large number of short single to push the price down then this The specific point is the point carrying the psychological expectations of people involved in the market most people will fall into a dead end to find the law, which is also known as the technical indicators with, to find a so-called winning market magic commonly known as the "magic method" and then the market in the emergence of a variety of masters, teacher-type figures. The various methods are endless, some even the most basic laws of nature in the market are not well understood, to go with a group of customers to do a single ~ the results can be imagined then we through those technical indicators as a reference study analysis is what? We are familiar with the indicators to analyze the natural laws of the market (support and resistance level judgment) peoples psychological expectations of trading then what is trading? Trading is the psychological expectations of the public opinion test support resistance interchange: people have memories, they remember past prices, their memories will affect their buying and selling decisions, memory is helpful to set up support and pressure for the market because support resistance is peoples psychological expectations of the price, then support resistance will often be converted into each other for example (when the price is running on a trend line, every time the price touches When the trend line will pop up, then when the price touches the trend line again there will be a lot of single entry, but then suddenly the trend line was broken, then people have a painful memory of this price, when the price returns to the trend line, peoples memory will have an effect) This is a typical support-resistance conversion of each support or resistance area strength depends on three factors: 1. The length of the region; 2, the height of the region; 3, the volume of the region IV, the classification of the market our classification of the market is simply 2 kinds: oscillating market and trend market oscillating market: prices in a price range up and down oscillating, not breaking or breaking the edge of the range trend market: a. up: the price of the low constantly too high, the high point is constantly too high; b. down: the price of the high point constantly lower, the low point Five, money management plan 1. long-term survival in the market (important) (who has not exploded a few positions ~ huh) 2. stable growth of assets 3. to obtain high returns for newcomers, first find a way to survive in this cruel market, and long-term survival to stand, and then go down the road market is a large group of people in each member of the group are Want to think they can be smarter than others, so as to earn money in the hands of others the cruelty of the market environment is unique, because every person is your opponent, and of course you are every persons opponent! Also want to send some of their own views brain stuff too much, the next time to find time to talk in detail about the determination of the support resistance level the following send some previous single screenshots, to give you some reference right or wrong, it does not matter has been to maintain a learning mindset on the road 1, the night of the Federal Reserve resolution the euro just back to the previous trend line a point not bad down 2, the night of the Federal Reserve resolution gold also just touched In 1182 this important position after the fall when the then stop-earnings 3. Europe according to the daily trend line position to do more, the results of the break down stop loss which was then broken after the chase single, and now also has been holding 4. pound in Draghis speech after the 2nd day as expected, the chart can be seen above three times to verify the resistance level firm short, after breaking the original support, support into resistance, plus a half position 5. crude oil remember this Non-farm payrolls the night the yen broke the oscillation range, and below the formation of the rising triangle, after the breakthrough of the backstep more single 7. non-farm payrolls the night, Europe and Japan back to the trend line decisively choose to add half a position 8. non-farm payrolls the night gold, when gold just on the edge of the channel 9. non-farm payrolls the night crude oil fell as expected in the backstep before the trend line and again The last thing I want to say to you is that my mentor said to me that I hope it will help you: the difficulty of trading is not to control the market, to beat the market, to know the market the difficulty of trading is to know oneself, to forget oneself, to get rid of oneself the charm of execution lies in inner clarity