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The three major misconceptions of doing long term investment

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Many rebatesforexbrokervestors take a bestforexrebatecompany cashback forex holding strategy after the same loss of th forexrebatecommission situation, may be mainly due to investors fall into the following aspects of the misconceptions Selecting the time of the misconceptions many investors like to choose in the crazy stage or in the high region to build positions to do medium fxrebatecentral long term investment for the timing of the position, investors should consider in the annual downturn in the market to build positions in the medium and long term, and the more the market The more depressed the market is, the more investors should consider the medium-term mentality to choose stocks to build positions, because the success of the timing choice also means that the closer you are to the opportunity to profit The misconceptions of stock selection Investors tend to buy short-term popular varieties to do medium and long term investment, but when buying these popular varieties, there are short-term profit opportunities, but often will be medium and long term investment for the reason that they are best forex rebate company willing to easily profit, the final result is to sit in the elevator for medium and long term The choice of investors should discover the market is undervalued sectors, while the future of such varieties have not been tapped by the market speculative themes to find a suitable target, as long as the target is still in latent period, investors should be bold to intervene in the low holding time misconceptions many investors choose to intervene in a medium and long term stocks soon, did not expect the variety will begin to rise, but the investor insisted on medium and long term The results did not take long, the species finished the main wave into the adjustment period, the investor is still dead cover not put, in the end, empty joy a medium and long term hold does not mean that must be to cover a long time, when it completes such a large up space may take a few months, perhaps two or three weeks to complete, then medium and long term hold can be transformed into a quick war Long-term investment six should not  First: can not distinguish between the value trend and technical trend is not suitable; Second: the invested funds need to be withdrawn at any time is not suitable; Third: no extraordinary smooth mind, no extraordinary tolerance is not suitable; Fourth: in a small family financial no dictatorial ability, in the stock market does not have enough independence of thought is not suitable; Fifth: the personality is anxious, emotional volatility, mouth is not right, the temperament is not suitable; Sixth: can not distinguish, judge the stock market bull and bear space may be completed in three weeks. Not suitable for those who are unable to distinguish between bulls and bears in the stock market, and who do not have a deep understanding of the general trend or changes in the industry cycle.