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The way of foreign exchange trading is to understand their weaknesses

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If you cashback forex rebatesf bestforexrebatecompanyexbroker smart enough to underst fxrebatecentral bad, hard work, learn the methods of successful people, replicate th best forex rebate company is also very simple, you will find indicators inside most people think the best ones, in-depth study is enough, each strategy, each indicator, each system has the possibility of profit you will find you feel comfortable if your execution is not good enough, you do not change the character, the character. Character is born, why torture yourself you write an EA intelligent trading, or EA single after you manually close these positions also line a little not affected by feelings if your capital is too small, you just need to stabilize, head a move, light up the transaction list, do the investment company is finished it If you really do not want to achieve financial freedom and time freedom, you go to sleep and play mahjong it God will not take care of self depraved people as long as they forexrebatecommission say (can see, can touch, can hear) that can be perceived are very, that is, are changing, not constant, not fixed, like prices, like fluctuations, like the trend of these are changing is your own trading rules, the trend (price) changes are also very regular, your unchanging trading rules must be in line with the trend change law, if your trading rules also go with the flow, then there is no moment you can grasp the changes in the past things (K-line, etc.) is dead will not change, the future things (K-line) you can never know, it is changing the current price trend in the death and change, that is, or change in the strain of change can only grasp the fixed laws to cope with change this is the truth of one of the worlds most simple truth about the truth of two, the next analysis Trading instability, trading losses must review their own, is the problem of virtue, or philosophy did not learn the problem, or practice is certainly not the problem of technology any technology you just deep study 2 hours enough, enough to open the law, enough to feel thorough hope that we think deeply about the universe life above said a problem is the law, the law of the problem that is invisible below to talk about the hidden two What is two is up and down, is red and green, is the yin and yang up more will fall, down more will rise nature, yin and yang is generally very harmonious, such as husband and wife, such as two ears, such as day and night, such as the traffic lights at intersections without yin and yang will not be harmonious will perish K line, the trend he wants to rise and fall will not rush to the general, is gradual you see the Tai Chi diagram of the yin and yang fish, are gradually transformed into each other in the final analysis: the universe Life (of course, including the K-line) of all the laws: four easy: everything in doing simple (one easy) periodic (two easy) fixed law (three easy) change (four easy) to natures most familiar with the sun, for example: the sun is then doing the simplest periodic (24 hours) fixed law (east rise, west fall, the quarter is not the same slightly deviated) of change (east rise, west fall) you do not want to predict whether it will go missing, do not go to predict whether it will go missing. Do not go to predict how many hours in the end a day can appear, do not go to predict whether the track changes you on the day about the light to get up, about the dark to go to sleep on the line that day is the most comfortable Some people say that trading experts are bare K trading, some people say that trading needs indicators to think: whether you are high people low people should get up at dawn, can see things, dawn will naturally get up, can not see things (eyes are If you cant see the trend, you can listen to the roosters crowing to get up, the effect of the two is exactly the same Of course, the rooster is sometimes wrong, rural people know that there are so three or five days a year the rooster is in the middle of the night or shortly after dark on the chaotic crowing of such, but the vast majority of cases are right If you cant see the trend, you follow the roosters crowing to get up also (this is to do intra-day) If you are to do swing, you plant several kinds of flowers, once a quarter. If you are doing a major trend, you will raise a cicada, once in spring and summer on time to open the rooster, once in autumn and winter on time to rest once a year you do a steady enough We are the vast majority of peoples minds are blinded, can not see the essence of things, so you can not see the sunrise and sunset, can not feel the hot and cold spring, summer, autumn and winter then you will raise a few good animals or plants to remind you to sense the sunrise and sunset or You can get up according to the rooster crowing, depending on whether you trust your system or not, depending on whether you implement your system or not. If you cant, you can trade intelligently: hear the rooster crowing and let the electric bed uncover your quilt, robot help you dress, then pull you up and you get up or you stay in bed. The most important thing is the concept, followed by the strategy (system), and finally the technology technology is the most important is the management of funds, followed by the exit, then the stop loss, and finally the entry so, entry without careful study maybe, any moment can enter the stop loss than entry is important, set a good key position stop loss, exit is more important than the stop loss, the right single hold, not the right timely out, you say the exit is important not the exit is not important, the important is the money management, we generally pressed the button, and then the stop loss. Important is the capital management, we generally count by 50% success rate, because we only consider the success rate of coin-tossing type can then if the capital management in place, the total amount of each stop loss within 3% of the total funds and profit can hold, each profit points than the stop loss distance, then the profit will be greater than 3% then stable profit trading in the logic must be independent thinking, not people and also clouds such as heavy positions or full position, which has nothing to do with trading risk or volatility or stability I have been confused, actually many "experts" also said light positions, stop loss is a stable magic weapon, and some even said heavy positions will lose I have not understood the logic, touch your little watermelon think about it, I full or heavy positions and ask or burst positions have a dime to do with it? Blowout or loss is only related to the total amount of stop loss per single Does my 1 hand 10 points stop loss than your 0.1 hand 200 points stop loss risky, I see not necessarily if the success rate is 50% I lose a loss 1 * 10 = 10 units of dollars you lose 0.1 * 100 = 10 units of dollars even if you more than half the probability of not sweeping if the profit, when you go when I go, I heavy profit is Your 10 times the holy grail of trading is there, but also can be built, I found the holy grail of building method, is based on the method to build the theory is: profit = average profit per single * times average profit per single = (profit - loss) / total number of single profit = profit rate * profit-loss ratio loss = loss rate * loss-win ratio This is the long history of trading holy grail of building method about the details, if There is a fate, and so developed to inform the good people (99% of profits are willing to donate to people who need help) Author: the son of the universe