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Introduction Twilight Star, also known as “ Twilight Star ”, forexrebatecommission"https://www.ccityrebates.com">fxrebatecentral a K-l cashback forexe combination form similar to the morning best forex rebate company, can be considered the latters reversal form, so the rebatesforexbroker star in the K-line chart also appears in a completely different position from the latter twilight star situation with the morning star is the opposite, it is a stronger uptrend reversal signal twilight star K-line combination form If it appears in the uptrend should be noted, because at this time the trend has issued a relatively clear reversal signal or short and medium-term pullback signal, for us may be a very good time to sell or short term avoidance time at the same time, if you can combine the volume of research, to improve the accuracy of the judgment of a better help below is the twilight star in the actual K-line chart, you can see that in the combination of out pattern The twilight star indicates that the stock price fall back, is a sell signal, should wait for the opportunity to sell the first bestforexrebatecompany the stock price continues to rise, pull out a positive line, the second day of small fluctuations, the formation of a small positive line or a small negative line, forming the main part of the star, the third day to form an inclusive of the second day and extended to the first day of the positive entity twilight star, refers to the high jump in The twilight star principle The twilight star (also known as the night star) the sun is like a red teardrop, from the top of the western mountains slowly rolled down in the afterglow of the sunset, the twilight star is like The devils envoy to the stock market after a sustained upward trend, has been passionate no longer, just like a good feast also has a time to break up the twilight star graphics, indicating that the market trend has topped, the time to sell quietly twilight star is also composed of three K lines: the first day, the market in a carnival continued to rise, and pull out a long positive line the second day, continue to rush higher, but the end of the fall, the formation of the upper shadow line, the The solid part is narrow, forming the main body of the star on the third day, a sudden decline, or panic selling pressure, the price pulled out a long negative, erasing most of the first two days of the trend twilight star act as the top of the odds are very high, in the late bullish trend, to be particularly vigilant to this reversal signal twilight star pattern characteristics twilight star is composed of three yin and yang candles to turn the light pattern, usually after an uptrend 1, the first The second candle can be a doji or spindle that appears after the opening of the cleft high. This signal shows that buyer pressure is gradually relieved and prices are likely to have peaked. When the market appears after a large positive line, it usually produces a jump higher, sometimes a doji or a small negative line similar to a doji (small positive line), another opposite situation is to appear after a large negative line, in both cases the formation of a doji-like K line is called “ star-shaped line ”, when the pattern appears In the midst of a rising market, it is easy to form the so-called classic K-line pattern - Twilight Star Quantification: Twilight Star consists of three K lines in order to make the structure simple, first using the intermediate expression to indicate a day of high opening and low closing (analyst formula system): A1: = OPEN; A2: = CLOSE; A3: = HIGH; B1: = REF (OPEN, 1); B2: = REF (CLOSE, 1); B3: = REF (HIGH, 1); B4: = REF (LOW, 1); C1: = REF (OPEN, 2); C2: = REF (CLOSE, 2); C3: = REF (HIGH, 2); C4: = REF (LOW, 2); the first day: a large positive in the uptrend, the stock price rose sharply The range is 4% higher than the previous day closing greater than the opening: AA: = A11.04; Day 2: the second day K-line jumped from yesterday, closing also above the gap linear entity narrow, entity length less than 1%, with upper and lower shadows; BB: B1> C3ANDB2> C3ANDABS(B1-B2)/B1< 0.01ANDB3>. B1ANDB3> B2ANDB4DD: =B3=HHV(HIGH, 20); the highest price of the day is the highest price since 20 days, indicating a relative high Day 3: negative, falling back under the first candle, opening price less than yesterdays closing price, todays negative entity length greater than 4%: CC: =C2/REF(CLOSE, 3)>. 1.04ANDC2> C1; Composite: AAANDBBANDCC
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