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U.S. super-rich Bloomberg and his financial empire and foreign exchange products

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once with a $1 salary former New York Mayor Michael rebatesforexbroker will test the waters of the 2016 U.S. presidential election as an fxrebatecentraldependent c best forex rebate companyidate, whether to officially participate will be decided in early March As a young man Bloomberg ( MichaelBloomberg) entered Wall Streets well-known investment bank Salomon Brothers, and successfully became the star of the stock bestforexrebatecompany However, in 1981, after the acqu forexrebatecommissionition of Salomon, Bloomberg was mercilessly dismissed, ending its 15-year-long career at Salomon Looking back, this may be the unfortunate fortunate, is therefore the achievement of the current Bloomberg and the creation of a huge financial empire & nbsp nbsp;In the same year, as one of the partners of Solomons company, Bloomberg got $10 million in severance pay, he founded a company called InnovativeMarketSystems (Bloomberg predecessor) on Wall Street, thirty years later, the company has 192 branches and more than 15,500 employees in the world, becoming the worlds largest financial information Bloomberg personal assets of $35.5 billion among the 2015 Forbes Global Rich List, No. 14 A brief history of Bloombergs financial empire-building After the company was founded in 1981, Bloomberg only thought about making terminals, and only in 1988 began to do news agencies At that time, the Internet was still in the early stages of development, Bloomberg for the first time tables, curves, charts and other changing financial indicators Through the network to end customers a steady stream of one-stop information solutions sent through Bloomberg terminals, revolutionizing the operation of traditional media Today, Bloomberg has become the world leader in financial information services industry In 1982, Bloomberg startup MarketSystem obtained its first customer and investor Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch ordered 22 terminals at once Soon after giving the company an investment of $30 million, they were unstoppable, in 1986, MarketSystem officially renamed Bloomberg (Bloomberg), and has 5,000 end users, and this number to 2015, has risen to 320,000, the business is from data services extended to television, websites, magazines, etc. And Bloomberg the name Bloomberg has become a legend in the field of financial information  Bloomberg when he was young In 1988-1990, Bloomberg began to formally enter the media industry from the terminal cashback forex, the establishment of Bloomberg News (BloombergNews) in Bloombergs autobiography, he described it this way: I want our companys terminals not just bond traders I want our companys terminals to become not just an indispensable tool for bond traders, I want it to become an indispensable tool for stock traders Our company should enter the field of text news According to Bloomberg China General Manager Huang Yiquan, currently, Bloomberg has 320,000 terminals (i.e., customers) worldwide is now more than 15,500 employees, in these 15,500 employees inside more than 3,000 are technical experts In addition, Bloomberg There are more than 4,000 people constitute the data team, they are with many exchanges around the world, data companies to cooperate, to the most accurate, the fastest speed to our customers the first time to provide financial data, financial-related information  exchange business (FOREXPRESS) was informed that although Reuters has a history of 165 years, but was founded only 35 years ago Bloomberg in the market share is Reuters Nearly double according to market information company Burton-Taylors research, Bloomberg in the field of global financial data terminals, market share is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region, some of the larger financial markets, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or Tokyo, most financial traders use Bloombergs terminals, and value Bloombergs performance Due to Bloombergs strong earnings, so far there is still no Listed words speak again, if your company is operating so awesome, and why do you want to toss to go public?  Bloombergs business tentacles foreign exchange products The foreign exchange market continues to evolve and is considered a separate asset class that is both fragmented and dynamic Bloomberg entered the foreign exchange market in 2000 to 2006, Bloombergs foreign exchange products, including news, data, conversation tools, analysis, execution and other features became more robust and popular with foreign exchange professionals favored, and really began to be widely used Bloombergs product tools are quite diverse, such as multi-bank trading platform FXGO; conversational foreign exchange trading tools IBDealing; foreign exchange professional news service FirstWordFX, etc.  should be the exchange business WeChat public number (ID: forexpress123) reader request, the exchange business here together with bring you a simple The interesting thing about the FXGO platform is that Bloombergs information on FXGO is quite limited, and more likely to be a functional introduction to take this statement the following text is not soft FXGO covers all foreign exchange products, including regulated and unregulated market spot, direct, swap and no principal delivery forward transactions, etc. As a public, bank-to-customer solution, FXGO provides banks with FXGOs allocation mechanism complements their e-commerce strategies while providing best execution and efficient tools for buy-side clients, while being commission-free for both banks and buy-side clients FXGO is the only e-commerce solution for many banks that offers a variety of execution types, including instant Bloomberg Talking Forex trading tools, automated quote requests, algorithmic trading and voice trading   nbsp;TodVanName, Head of Global FX and Commodities Electronic Trading at Bloomberg, believes that a number of factors have contributed to FXGOs growth, including the fact that FXGO is the only execution platform that seamlessly integrates a range of FX solutions, enabling multiple services such as transparent quotes, trading solutions and risk integration through a single platform, while the products integrated by FXGO have better depth and breadth than other platforms. Better depth and breadth of liquidity from more than 500 institutions In addition, there are many other features that make FXGO very attractive, such as a seamless straight-through-trading model (STP) that can be customized for free, the ability to connect to more than 15 algorithm providers, or the ability to bring in hundreds of orders from your order processing system (OMS) or Excel  TodVanName said Bloomberg continues to work with national regulators and banks to better provide solutions that meet local operations and needs For example, in the Philippine market, FXGO is used to execute and report USD/PHP swaps, which provide real-time transparency to the central bank and local market participants, and then uses the data to calculate daily reference rates  FXGO and its strong competitors Since 2013, Bloomberg FXGO and its rival Thomson Reuters platform FXall business began to expand dramatically while at the same time, a large number of market players have emerged in a rather soft spot FX market and they have also managed to grow their business with longer credentials as well as the trading volumes of emerging electronic FX players, the What do the features and strategies reveal about the market? What other types of changes will occur in these markets?   Based on a proprietary survey of 18 FX market participants published by research firm AiteGroup in the summer of 2015, this research report forms a description of these institutions offerings and provides a comparative evaluation of these participants including 360T (officially acquired by Deutsche Bank in July 2015), Bloomberg ( Bloomberg, CMEGroup, Currenex, EBS, FastMatch (sale imminent, looking for a buyer), FXall, FXConnect, FXSpotStream, HotspotFX, Integral, LMAX Exchange, MoltenMarkets, Reuters MoltenMarkets, Reuters (ThomsonReuters), CitiMarginFXTrading (FFX and Saxo took over Citi FX platform clients in 2015), FFXCMPro, Carlson GainGTX, and Saxo Bank
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