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V-shaped reversal

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rebatesforexbroker forexrebatecommission bestforexrebatecompany the K-line portfolio of investment varieties best forex rebate company very common V-shaped reversal is a strong upward signal its appearance is generally K-line trend after a longer period of decline (down according to a certain angle downward) is generally after the short, extreme venting, sudden release of large positive news, when the K-line turn up fxrebatecentral a considerable period of continuity therefore formed in the K-line graph A V character V-shaped reversal characteristics (1) appear in the rapid decline after (2) in the rapid panic down at the end, the short energy has been completely cathartic, at this time to do more power has begun to accumulate, such as good gold, will quickly reverse, turn up the quick response flocked to enter, and soon push the cashback forex up (3) V-shaped reversal start very fast, in the bottom of the stay of time is very short, slow response of investors easy to step short Poor operability some slow order speed are not easy to deal, at this time, if the market judgment is correct to buy after the high, otherwise the opportunity is fleeting non-intervention can be withdrawn early to update the buy to do gold and futures investors, short-term K-line often appear these K-line graphics, timely blocking method of intervention, the short term effect is very good V-shaped type V-shaped can be divided into three categories: 1, positive V-shaped, refers to the continued decline to a relatively low level, and then suddenly 2, inverted V, refers to the opposite of the V-shaped trend, when the price rose all the way to a relative high, suddenly a 180-degree shift turned around and fell sharply, forming an inverted V on the graph 3, stretch V, refers to the V-shaped or inverted V-shaped trend after the formation, horizontal fluctuations for a period of time, and then continue its V-shaped trend, the actual battle usually Most of the V-shaped refers to this V-shaped reversal of the signs V-shaped reversal of the appearance of general no prior signs, and is a runaway pattern, in the application of special care, but the form is completed after the potential is quite amazing, the rise or decline reached by the magnitude of the unmeasurable, but once the formation of the potential, can be confirmed higher, with very important practical significance How to grasp the V-shaped reversal opportunities? Nine silver real gold here to remind the majority of investors to pay attention to the following points: 1, the magnitude of the rise and fall, generally speaking, the greater the magnitude of the short-term rise and fall, the stronger the momentum, the stronger the possibility of a V-shaped reversal, more than 50% of the huge yang or huge yin often become very good with the evidence 2, the price and volume with the positive V-shaped reversal in the turnaround volume to significantly enlarge, the price and volume with good, especially before and after the turnaround of the amplification of trading. In fact, the last batch of kill plate and foresight to take over the goods caused by the influx; inverted V-shaped reversal of the volume of no mandatory requirements, but the volume before its turn will often surge, in fact, means that the long force has been the end of the strong, the buying force is weak; and the extension of the V-shaped price and volume requirements with the extension of the former V-shaped nature of the same 3, combined with the long-term averages for the study and judgment averages have a significant judgment trend Run the function, with the 20-day, 30-day and 120-day SMA, can more accurately grasp the V-shaped reversal of the two big opportunities, generally can use the 20-day SMA when the price breaks through the 20-day SMA for the first time, although it is not clear whether the V-shaped reversal can be established, but this is an aggressive long or short signal, once the second breakthrough of the 20-day SMA, basically can confirm the establishment of the reversal trend, which is robust do Long or short signal 4, in practice, stretching positive V-shaped lateral fluctuations for a better time to intervene, both safe and effective, the price of the second breakthrough of the 20-day SMA for a better short-term intervention point while the relative location of horizontal price fluctuations is also very important, such as in the previous high above the horizontal, indicating that the main force has a strong control ability, upward momentum is strong; such as fluctuations in the previous high near the up and down, the upward momentum is relatively weak In addition, the duration of the crossover is also very important, generally speaking, the longer the crossover, upward strength is also smaller in practice to taste and distinguish how to deal with the V-shaped reversal Although the V-shaped reversal in all reversal pattern is the most difficult to grasp, but because of the high frequency of this pattern, nine teachers believe that more accurately grasp it is conducive to reduce losses or expand profits and most of the top and bottom similar, V-shaped top and bottom of the difference between the main In the bottom of the operation, the price oscillation amplitude is small, the volume continues to be low, once the formation of a reversal, the price will usually be continuous upward, the volume also shows an enlargement of the trend, while in the top of the price oscillation is often quite violent, but whether the volume is enlarged or shrinkage is not a key factor in the slope of the movement, the crossover can get rid of the trend line, but this does not constitute a The shape of the reversal, only when the trend line is effectively broken, it means that the market has changed, when the trend is particularly important, although the 5 day average as an automatic trend line has a special value, but the trend line is often issued earlier than the price pattern breakthrough signal, that is, do not have to wait until the completion of the pattern can be bought and sold early, in order to achieve higher returns What are the signs before the reversal? Take the V-shaped top as an example, an important sign before the completion of the pattern is to leave multiple gaps on the time chart, while the daily gap has been closed, the formation of volatility (long shadow) cross (or tire star), etc.; another is the change near the steep channel line, or piercing back down (no support for the channel line), or not reach the height of the channel line When the V-shaped reversal appears, the market is sometimes quickly formed a small platform, called the extended V-shaped pattern, that is, an important variation of the pattern, the completion mark is the breakthrough of the platform in the actual trend, this extended pattern is relatively rare, but it can provide chart analysts with more opportunities, because the platform is quite similar to the flag pattern Investors can find the following important selling points: 1, after touching the channel line to fall back below the opening price and the closing price; 2, the closing price fell below the short-term 3、If there is an extended pattern, the platform high is almost always the ideal selling point (escape point); 4、The platform is the last chance to escape when it breaks down In addition, after a sustained and sharp rise in the special time, once the price shows signs of sideways trading, you must pay extra attention and be prepared